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Monday, August 21, 2017
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What is the NCGT

The National Capital Golf Tour will celebrated our 15th Anniversary Season in 2016, is an opportunity for golfers of all skill levels to get together for a competitive round of golf in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. 

The Tour started in 2002 as a group of close friends were looking to do something a bit different. Something that gives weekend golfers a chance to play golf like they belong to club themselves, but with changing venues.

Originally affiliated with the OttawaGolf website, the OttawaGolf Tour had over 50 players come out in that first year, with Diane Hamilton finishing the season as our 2002 Tour Champion after playing in eight of the nine events.  

In 2006, after 4 years of success, the Tour was rebranded the
“National Capital Golf Tour”
and changes were made to how the scoring was done. The NCGT started using the modified Stableford for scoring, and the leaderboard is based on the accumulation of the scores that each player receives the events.  To be fair, we use the best 7 of 10 events played. In 2010 we had over 60 golfers play, with many playing every year since the Tour was started.

We also have special events through-out the season (some of which count towards the Leaderboard and others that do not):

Special Season Opener

Spring and Fall Majors

36 hole Ryder Cup Event

3 day / 4 Round Road Trip

End of Year Trophies / Prizes

2-Man October Scramble

     Winter Silly Season       

In terms of administration, the Tour maintains both a handicap and rules committee to try and keep the playing field as level as possible.


How to Become a Member

1 - Register to the site for FREE on HOME Page (a MUST for signing up for events)

2 - Fill out short form below (THIS makes you a member)

3 - Send in your payment for yearly dues (we accept checks, money orders, Pay Pal and EMT payments)

4 - See you at Cloverdale on Saturday May 07th, 2016


Our Program & Local Rules

There are several ways to enjoy a round of golf. A competitve round in a fun theatre is the best way I know how to play. Our program is geared for every level of golfer from beginers to low handicappers with the desire to compete with other weekend golfers. With closest to the pins and handicapped cleaners, we feel all level of golfers will have a chance at winning.

Click here to read more about our program and our By-Laws.

While we play by the rules of golf, the NCGT has adopted our own set of local rules that will apply to all our tour event play. Our local rules are meant for speeding up play.

These local rules can be found by reading more here.


What Our Members are Saying...
"As a rookie and female member of the National Capital Golf Tour, I'd like to recommend this group for anyone who wants to meet new golfers, learn more about the sport, add a new dimension to their game, or just have a lot of fun! We played an excellent variety of Ottawa area courses and the bi-weekly events were easy to plan into my schedule. I love the Stableford point format and even with my 25ish handicap, I was able to compete fairly against the field. You can truly compete at whatever level you choose for yourself and the entire group was welcoming and helpful to us newbies. I have learned more about my game this year than in the 20 years I've been playing! It's easy to sign up and even if you don't have a handicap, an equitable number will be figured for you based on your scorecards from previous rounds".

- Lisa Muise



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