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NCGT Program

Event Fees

$20 per player, per event

$5 Cleaners
$5 Closest to the Pins
$2 Event Points Leaders
$1 Event Low Gross Winner
$1 Weekly Putting Contest
$2 End-of-Year Pot
$4 Administration fees

Weekly Event Points Leaders

At each event, $2 from each player will go to the "Top Three players" from that day. We will be using the Stableford Scoring (see Leaderboard page for Scoring system) at ALL events played except the Ryder Cup, with 50% of the pot collected going to the player with the most points made. Second place will receive 30% of the pot and 3rd will receive 20% of the pot.

Weekly Event Low Gross Winner

A cash prize of $1 per player will go to the player who has shot the day's Low Gross Score. (If a player takes an X on any given hole, he/she is not eligible for this prize)

Leaderboard / End-of-Year Pot

The player who accumulates the most Stableford points throughout the season, of which we will count the best 6 of 8 regular events PLUS 1 of 2 Major Events (a player MAY use BOTH majors if he/she does not have 6 regular events used), will be named "National Capital Golf Tour Champion" and collect a 40% share of the pot accumulated over the season at a rate of $2 per player per event. The "Top Five" end-of-year prizes are as follows:

First Place 40%
Second Place 25%
3rd Place 15%
4th place 10%
5th place 10%

Closest to the Pin

Closest To The Pin on every par 3 we play on Tour.
($5 per player divided by the number of par 3's played).

Weekly Putting Contest

A Putting Contest is to be held following every event on the NCGT. Once the players have finished their round, they will immediately head to the putting green and EACH player will hit three putts to a designated hole which will be outlined with three circles a foot in diameter apart. Making the putt will be worth 20 points - the first circle is worth 15 points, then 10 points, then 5 points. The player who has the most points, will win the Putting Contest for that day. In the case of a tie the pot is split.

Cleaners (skins)

(at every event on our schedule, with the exception of the Ryder Cup)
Rules: Handicaps are used for a net score on each hole. The outright winner (net) of any hole will win a share of the pot. The fewer cleaners won, the more they are worth. Maximum handicap is 18 (no two stroke allowances)

Example: 10 players x $5 each = $50 pot

- Bill & Sam both make a net birdie on hole #2 while all other players score par or worse. There is no winner since they cut each other off.
- Joe gets a net birdie on hole #5 while nobody cuts him off (ties the hole), and he wins one "cleaner" and one share of the pot.
The only other "cleaner" won on this day was on hole #15 by Bobby. Therefore Bobby and Joe each get 1 share of the pot worth $25 each.

Note: If someone wins 2 holes they get 2 shares of the pot, so if Bobby won 2 cleaners and Joe won 1, the pot would be divided 3 ways with 2 shares going to Bobby and 1 going to Joe. Therefore Bobby wins $33.30 and Joe wins $16.70.

NCGT By-Laws

Having Fun

The main goal of the National Capital Golf Tour is to provide an experience where amateur golfers can apply their skills in a competitive arena, while enjoying the company of their peers, continuing friendships, and hopefully fostering new ones.

Pace of Play

This is of MAJOR importance on the NCGT. We need our tour groups to keep pace with the other golfers on the course. Our goal is to finish our rounds in under 4 1/2 hours for all events. Since the majority of our events have early morning tee times, we should have very little problem maintaining an appropriate pace. Tour groups are required to be aware of their position on course at all times and, if behind, to take appropriate action to get back in to position as quickly as possible.

Event Day Sign In

We ask that players arrive at least 30 minutes before their tee time to register. This will enable us to start the events on time. Most courses have a driving range and putting green so that you can warm up prior to your round.


Handicap Allotment

In 2011 we started using “event only” scores for our handicapping. After 3 years we have enough scores entered and feel it does not do our league total justice. Therefore starting in 2014 we will be using 4 of our last 7 events scores to determine our event handicaps. This system is used at many clubs for the member events and makes for a more accurate handicap. Players with handicaps higher than 18 will use their full handicap for scoring purposes. A maximum 18 handicap will apply for cleaners only.

Tour Rookie Handicap Limit

A valid handicap requires at least 5 rounds entered into the system. We will assign a maximum 9 handicap for first-year players until a tour handicap is established. All Rookie handicaps will assed and adjustments may be made after the first three events, by the NCGT handicapping committee.


Men's tees, usually white are used unless the course measures less than 6000 yards from those tees, at which point we will play the next deck, usually blue. Ladies will tee up ONE tee block in front of the men - usually the red tees (unless the men play the blue tees, then ladies will play from the white tees)


All Tour members will be expected to conduct themselves with proper etiquette at ALL times.

Note: If a player consistently disregards these guidelines during a round or over a period of time to the detriment of others, the Committee will consider taking appropriate disciplinary action against the offending player. Such action may, for example, include prohibiting the offending player from play in a number of competitions. This is considered to be justifiable in terms of protecting the interest of the majority of golfers who wish to play in accordance with these guidelines.

In the case of a serious breach of Etiquette, the Committee may disqualify a player under Rule 33-7.



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