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Friday, November 24, 2017
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In January of 2011 I stared down the road of a new season of the most aggravatingly enjoyable sport on the planet.  While still a new comer to the sport (2011 was only my 6th season) for the first time I was not feeling excited about a new season of sneaking out every second I could to whack at that little white ball. Something was missing. It was at this time I stumbled on the NCGT website (maybe like you are doing right now!)  What the NCGT offered was fun and enjoyable golf with people who love the 'sport' of the game... competition. I had to plan a season around ten different events at ten different courses, 9 of which I have never played before. Before NCGT my attitude was why would I ever get up at 5am just to drive to Renfrew to play golf? What has Montebello got to offer that others courses don't? What's the difference between an older course and one built recently? Links style and traget golf? Why would you ever play golf in the rain?
Put these demands on your game of golf and the sport opens a whole new world to explore. My practice at the driving range is now based on my last NCGT tournament and I practice rain or shine. Next year as soon as the season is posted I will be booking practice rounds at the courses NCGT has decided to use. I came in last place this year and didn't win a penny and I still can't wait to sign up next year - Mark Ryder

It is a great league that plays on a great mix of courses throughout the year and everyone is welcome...I joined last year as a 20+ handicapper was made to feel really welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and because they use Stableford points to score events everyone can compete...the best golf decision I made was joining NCGT  - Paul Britton

"As a rookie and female member of the National Capital Golf Tour, I'd like to recommend this group for anyone who wants to meet new golfers, learn more about the sport, add a new dimension to their game, or just have a lot of fun! We played an excellent variety of Ottawa area courses and the bi-weekly events were easy to plan into my schedule. I love the Stableford point format and even with my 25ish handicap, I was able to compete fairly against the field. You can truly compete at whatever level you choose for yourself and the entire group was welcoming and helpful to us newbies. I have learned more about my game this year than in the 20 years I've been playing! It's easy to sign up and even if you don't have a handicap, an equitable number will be figured for you  based on your scorecards from previous rounds". - Lisa Muise

I want to take the time to thank you and your team on an excellent tour.  I really enjoyed myself, made a lot of new friends and I think I persuaded my brother to join next year.  It was really enjoyable and I hope that every one is as aprrciative as I am because it shows that a lot of hard work is put into this. - Luc Levesque

I have had a great time on the NCGT. I have met some great people on the tour, played some interesting courses on my time on tour. I also have a lot of fun telling people that I play "on tour" -- which one they always ask. Then I tell them about what the National Capital Golf Tour is about -- they're very interested. - Don Harrison 

"There are so many great reasons for golfing. I really enjoy spending a couple of hours away from my everyday life, a time to get away from the demands, the pressures, and daily grind. I enjoy the fresh air, the landscape.
And golf as a game, there is nothing quite like the challenge it provides. Analyzing a hole, picking the right club, making a good swing. There are few things as sweet as making a perfect swing and knowing the ball is going where you wanted it to go. The game is great because where else can you just relax, enjoy the outdoors, and whack a ball around. Of course, there is tournament golf. It adds an extra dimension to the game. The pressure and challenges tournamnet golf offers makes it so much different from a everyday round. I really enjoy the challlenge that comes with tournment golf. I like challenging myself, seeing how and if I can meet the challenges. Can I play a round to my handicap or better? How well do I score against the field? Maybe win a little something?

And match play – now we are talking some serious fun. The adrenaline pumping and the pressure to perform one shot, one chip, or one putt is just fun. And having a partner in match play, relying on me to help, adds a little something extra to the mix. Not that I always rise to the challenge – hey I can choke like the best of them – but it’s great to hit the shot you need to when you need to. Finally, and arguably most important is who I spend those hours on the golf course with. What makes a round truly enjoyable, regardless how I play, is who I joins me for the golfing adventure. How often do I get to spend four hours or so with three friends to talk, to joke, and to share the good and the bad of whatever the round has in store for all of us. It is even better when I am part of a group, mixing and matching with anyone from the group and having a drink to celebrate the round at the 19th hole. Now that makes the round more than just a round! And this is exactly what the National Capital Golf Tour provides me. It is the opportunity, to get together with gang of golfers, who like the challenges of golf and tournaments, golfers willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with each other, developping friendships and having a good time along the way. That is why I joined the National Capital Golf Tour and why I keep coming back. Memories are made each time I tee it up because I teed it up with many friends and the day is not just any day. IT IS AN EVENT!"  - Guy Bourgon

I didn't know anyone except the friend I joined with and we thought it would be a great experience to showcase our talent. We found out by our friends father that there was this handicap tour that he thought was well organized and he thought we should join. So we did! Best decision of my golf life.
We thought we were good and we were 20 handicaps at the time. Little did we know that there was a wack load of golfers that had some serious game. I was definitely one of the worst golfers in those fields and was put in my place from the get-go. Thats for sure! At the time, I didn't know all the rules of golf, I didn't have a legitimate handicap, I had never played in a tournament format, and I had never hit a birdie or par. It was my first year of golf period. So needless to say the NATIONAL CAPITAL GOLF TOUR harnessed my skills as a golfer.
There was no problem meeting people. From the first tournament on, I was paired up with different players, at different times, and at different golf courses. It felt like I was a professional. ALMOST!! I definitely loved the format from the beginning. With a taste of the Ryder cup victory, the Battle of Belleville, all the other golf courses that I had never played before, and the fact that you can win money at these events, solidified my placement in the NCGT. As the tournaments went by and my handicap got lower, I decided to take this tour seriously. After coming in the top ten my first year, with a then 18 handicap, I thought lets go for year 2. Years 2 and 3 roll along and more friends, more money, more fun!! Not much more a golfer can ask for. I'm still here after 3 years and I'm about to complete a fourth. Foursomes come and go, new players join and quit, and every year becomes a whole different story and challenge.  - Matt Renaud



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