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Monday, November 20, 2017
Yahoo Fantasy Pool


Welcome to Yahoo Sports Fantasy Golf.

You have created the Private Group called NCGT 2017 and entered the team called noback in that group. To allow other people to join this group, send them the Group ID# (459) and the Password (ncgt2017). Remember, it is the Group ID#, not the group name, that other people must use to join your group.

If you would like to leave this group, simply go to the game front page and remove yourself via the "Leave a Group" link located within the "My Team and Groups" module.

Thanks for joining. See you on the green.

Group ID#: 459
Password: ncgt2017

2017 Season Standings (as of March 22nd)

Rank Team Segment Points Season Points Rank +/- Weekly Finishes ?
Top 10 Top 3 Wins
1 JUDGE n JURY 1,663 1,663 0 11 8 5
2 IZZY'S tEAM 1,579 1,579 0 11 8 1
3 noback 1,478 1,478 0 11 4 2
4 wee willie 1,461 1,461 0 11 7 1
5 One&Counting 1,451 1,451 0 10 6 3
6 Mr. West 824 824 0 11 0 0


Each player in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Golf can be an active member of your team in no more than 10 tournaments. For purposes of this game, if you have a player active for any one round of a tournament, it counts as him playing in that tournament. Likewise, a player who is on your team, but stays in a reserve position for all four rounds, does not get credit for a tournament played.



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