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Friday, April 28, 2017
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2017 NCGT Leaderboard

Player POINTS  Events Cloverdale Casselview Outaouais Talon eQuinelle Renfrew EagleCreek Montebello Greens Meadows
Brett Evans 0                      
Charles Potvin 0                      
Chuck Stapley 0                      
Conor Avery 0                      
Chris Aiken 0                      
Darren Porter 0                      
Dave Colbeck 0                      
Don Harrison 0                      
Ed Richard 0                      
Harlow Osterkruger 0                      
Henri Richard 0                      
James Gauvin 0                      
Jay Last 0                      
Kevin Baldelli 0                      
Kirk Dillabaugh 0                      
Luke Miller 0                      
Marco San Pedro 0                      
Mark St.Laurent 0                      
Matt Kearney 0                      
Matt Renaud 0                      
Mike Krewski 0                      
Mike O'Connor 0                      
Noel Richard 0                      
Paul Britton 0                      
Phil Bertrand 0                      
Steve Karam 0                      
National Capital Golf Tour Leaderboard

At each event played on the National Capital Golf Tour (except for the Ryder Cup), we will be using the Stableford Scoring system. Points are earned based on your NET score on each hole, based on the table below. Cleaners & CTPs won will no longer factor into leaderboard point totals as they have in previous years. Note: The 2 Major Events are simply Majors because of the location of where we play as well as the conditioning and difficulty of said courses.

Net Double Bogie = 0 points  / 
Net Bogie = 1 point  /  Net Par = 2 points

Net Birdie = 3 points  /  Net Eagle = 4 points  /  Net Double Eagle = 5 points


The player who accumulates the most Stableford points throughout the season (the best 7 of 10 events), will be named "National Capital Golf Tour Champion" and collect a 40% share of the pot accumulated over the season at a rate of $2 per player per event. The other "Top Five" players will also win End-of-Year cash prizes as listed on "Program"



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