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Friday, November 24, 2017
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2014 Warrior Challenge Minimize

What do 9 middle aged men (at least most of us) do for fun….Eat, drink and golf for 3 solid days!


With the weather perfect, an incredible chalet (pool table, hot tub and all) at the top of a hill overlooking a golf course in the valley. It was wonderful. The quest to become the Warrior was on!


Friday’s round at Manitou helped hone the irons and short game prior to the Warrior Challenge. It was a sign of things to come with Darren GIGGLES Porter winning the closest to the pin on the first hole (wish I had a $1 for every time he hit a shot, smiled, shrugged and laughed). And I thought the 240 year par 3  on the front was tough (little did I know what was waiting for us on Sunday). The afternoon round at La Bete followed. Beautiful mountain course but really, hitting a mid-iron off the tee on the multiple 400+ yard par 4?  Killer!


Back to the chalet for food, rest and relaxation before the gladiators waltz into the Saturday Coliseum of the Royal Laurentian to find out who will be the last Warrior Standing.  Bright and early, breakfast and warm up for the gladiators. Playing in threesomes, playing Best Ball, Alternate Shot and Scramble my brain is hurting trying to figure out who my partner is on each hole, where we are in the match, and how many points is it worth… With all the questions it evident, that a PowerPoint presentation will be required next year.


The leaderboard never looked so close going into the singles. The Warrior title was anyone’s to take. In the end, Steve NOBACK Karam, last year’s reigning gladiator, came up on top as Guy IZZY Bourgon crumbled on 18 with an errant drive losing the hole and the match 1 up giving NOBACK the needed points to repeat as the 2014 Warrior. Celebrations and the prizes were doled out back at the chalet with huge steaks and all the fixings. It was of no surprise that Darren GIGGLES Porter, was sitting with more money won that even our crowned Warrior.

After all that golf good food and rejuvenation in the hot tub, Sunday morning’s  Hangover Cup was played at La Belle. Mike KING-COME-ON-I-WANNA-LAY-UP  Krewski was Paired with Darren GIGGLES Porter to win – and yes GIGGLES won closest to the pin on that 250 yard monster par 3 with a softly landed drive right smack on the green in line with the flag. Although the KING’s tee ball on that same par 3 was ever more impressive as he flew the fence surrounding the next tee and landed and stop right there on the tee box!

Congrats to all of those middle aged gladiators for surviving the weekend battle, to winners and to the losers, and to everyone who made this great trip possible. Looking forward to next year where IZZY plans on bringing a new wrinkle to the weekend event.



Friday Scores and Results

Friday - Par 3 Shootout at Manitou
Closest to the pins
Craig Reynolds 3
Dwight Gamman 3
Mike Krewski 3
Peter Bland 2
Darren Porter 1
Guy Bourgon 1
Mark St.Laurent 1
Steve Karam ZERO - ZIPP - NADDA
Friday - Warm Up Round at La Bete
Peter Bland 77
Dwight Gamman 80
Dave Colbeck 82
Darren Porter 86
Mike Krewski 87
Craig Reynolds 87
Mark St.Laurent 90
Guy Bourgon 95
Steve Karam 96
Darren Porter #1 - #14 - #18
Mark St.Laurent #4
Peter Bland #10
Dave Colbeck #12
Steve Karam #16
Closest to the pins:
No. 3 Dave Colbeck
No. 6 Steve Karam
No.12 Mark St.Laurent
No.15 Darren Porter
No.17 xxx

Sunday's 2-Man Hangover Cup

Sunday - Hangover Cup at La Belle
Team Scores:
Mike Krewski & Darren Porter 26 points
Steve Karam & Dwight Gamman 22 points
Guy Bourgon & Peter Bland 20 points
Mark St.Laurent & Craig Reynolds 19 points
Closest to the Pins:
No.2 Steve Karam
No.7 xxx
No.14 Darren Porter
No.15 Darren Porter



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