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Friday, November 24, 2017

2015 Warrior Challenge


Eleven guys, 3 days, 5 rounds, 8 vehicles, 12 coolers, 154 golf clubs, 264+ golf balls, and 12 pounds of sand was all we need for our 2015 NCGT Road Trip. J

First stop is Golf Manitou, the quaint little Tremblant course that offers 14 par threes and 4 four par fours.  We call this round, our CTP Shootout. And what a morning it would be for me as after 38 playing golf I FINALLY made my very first Hole-In-One, on the third hole of the day. A 185 yard par three with a five iron. It would almost happen a second time in 6 holes as I hit my 9 iron over the flag on the 9th hole to watch it roll back to hole and stop 3 inches from the cup. Needless to say I had 4 ctps to be the big money winner of round one.

Round two was our official warm up round, and this year was played Le Geant. With cart path only in effect, it made for a very long afternoon round walking from cart to ball every shot along the way. Score would be higher as the balls were also not rolling in the damp conditions of the fairways. In the end, Pierre Denis would have the low score of the day shooting 84 followed closely by Giggles McPorter who shot 85. Guy Bourgon would be the money winner of the day with 2 cleaners and one CTP.

Warrior Day ……………. Preparations made and plans followed we head off for a long fun filled confusing day on the course. NO one knows who’s playing with who, no one knows who is carting with who and who is first and who is last to go. What a great time!!! J But the games keep going. More of the same cart path only in effect is driving us all batty going from cart to ball with 3-5 clubs and then going back to cart to get the right club. L

Half-finished and 18 holes later, Darren Porter would be the mid-way leader with a perfect morning on the course. 5 more CTP winners are in the books and lunch is being eaten. It’s now 2:16 PM and we’re off for the afternoon rounds and the Scramble portion of the Warrior Challenge. Once the scramble was done, Darren was still the favorite going into the singles matches for the final 9 holes with 2 players closely behind and 5 more lurking for an opportunity. As the groups come in and the scores are posted, we have winner. We ACTUALLY have CO-Winners for the first time. With Pierre, Craig and Steve winning all their matches in the singles it would be up to the scores already posted………………………….Craig Reynolds would be Co-Warrior with Steve Karam who would make it a three-peat as the 2015 Road Trip Warriors!

After a great dinner and some cold beer, soothing hot tub and loads of laughs, the guys head to bed for one last night before they start the Hangover Cup which this year was at Le Diable (IMO one of the best in Mt Tremblant). With fairways open for carts it was much more relaxing a day and in fact would produce a three way tie for the win. Three groups, Guy Bourgon & Mark St.Laurent, Pierre Denis & Darren Porter and Steve Karam & Craig Reynolds would all shoot 72 (1 over par). The winner of the day was determined by retrogression and was eventually awarded to Steve Karam & Craig Reynolds who were leading after 16 holes. Congrats to all the days winners.

All in all, it was another great weekend trip for the guys from the NCGT and beyond. Thanks again to all who made this trip possible and the fun we had was PRICELESS!!


Friday's Par 3 Shootout at Manitou and Warm Up round at Le Geant

Friday - Par 3 Shootout at Manitou
Closest to the pins
Steve Karam 3 + Hole-In-One
Peter Bland 2
Louis Pilon 2
Guy Bourgon 1
Mark St.Laurent 1
Craig Reynolds 1
Claude Desormeaux 1
Pierre Denis 1
Darren Porter 1
Mike Krewski ZIPPO
Friday - Warm Up Round at Le Geant
Pierre Denis 84
Darren Porter 85
Mark St.Laurent 87
Peter Bland 87
Dave Colbeck 88
Mike Krewski 89
Craig Reynolds 90
Guy Bourgon 93
Louis Pilon 98
Steve Karam 103
Claude Desormeaux 105
Guy Bourgon #3 & #17
Mark St.Laurent #7
Craig Reynolds #8
Darren Porter #13
Dave Colbeck #15
Closest to the pins:
No.3 Guy Bourgon
No.6 Darren Porter
No.10 Peter Bland
No.16 Craig Reynolds

Sunday's Hangover Cup at Le Diable

Sunday - Hangover Cup at Le Diable
Team Scores:
Steve Karam & Craig Reynolds 72 (1 over)
Guy Bourgon & Mark St.Laurent 72
Pierre Denis & Darren Porter 72
Claude Desormeaux & Louis Pilon 73
Mike Kreweski & Dave Colbeck 76
Guy Bourgon & Peter Bland 76
Closest to the Pins:
No.3 Pierre Denis
No.6 Steve Karam
No.8 Mark St.Laurent
No.12 Mike Krewski
No.16 Pierre Denis
Weekend Money Leaders
Craig Reynolds $ 141.00
Steve Karam $ 136.00
Pierre Denis $ 73.00
Guy Bourgon $ 37.00
Darren Porter $ 34.00
Mark St.Laurent $ 24.00
Peter Bland $ 21.00
Claude Desormeaux $ 21.00
Mike Krewski $ 14.00
Louis Pilon $ 14.00
Dave Colbeck $ 14.00



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